Electronic Waste Disposal

E-waste or electronic waste refers to outdated consumer and business gadgets. They are fragile and susceptible to wear and tear, regardless of how robust they may be. Most of them are damaged, but some of them are still in functional condition.

E-waste is a broad category that includes a wide array of products. However, it remains unclear what exactly constitutes an e–waste. E-waste can be defined as anything that uses electricity, is connected to an electrical outlet, and has circuit boards.

Electronic equipment evolves rapidly. People prefer newer models and the continuous modernization of electronic equipment leaves behind a lot of e-wastes. The older units are often left behind due to change in taste and preference and this buying habit encourages the rapid increase in E-Waste which becomes difficult to dispose of as they become obsolete.

E-waste is hazardous and requires special disposal techniques. Drop boxes have been set up by retail shops and manufacturing companies so that customers can dispose of their unwanted gadgets. But larger and bulky appliances are more difficult to get rid of. People who work full-time jobs are less likely to take part in this e-waste disposal campaign. So what we do is we offer a solution that’s perfect for busy individuals who don’t have time to do proper E-Waste disposal.

The premier junk removal experts in Bridgeport CT can help you dispose of your E-waste safely, legally, and sustainably. Through our efficient pick up, hauling, disposal, and recycling services, we offer an eco-friendly way to dispose of E-wastes. We also offer extensive property cleanouts, all you have to do is to book an appointment with us and set your preferred pick-up schedule.

**What E-wastes are we willing to accept? **

We dispose of all electronic wastes, small and large. These are just some of the E-wastes that we accept for proper disposal.

* Computers Monitors
* Printers
* Copy Machines
* Shredders
* Television Units

Our E-Waste Disposal Process

Because of the toxic chemicals found in it, E-wastes are not accepted by your local municipal waste management company. Electronics contain toxic chemicals, such as lead, cadmium, brominated flame retardants, and even chromium, which are harmful to both humans and the environment.

We came up with a simple, eco-friendly, and legal way to get rid of old E-waste. Here’s how you do it:

  1. **Pickup & Hauling-**We encourage clients to delete sensitive information from computers, phones and other electronic devices before the pickup schedule. For security reasons, we encourage customers to perform the data wiping themselves. However, we also double check whether the data has been properly deleted from the system before we proceed to pick up and donate your electronics.

  2. Donating- E-wastes in good working order are sent to the designated charities where we donate them. These gadgets get a second chance to fulfill their intended purpose and are donated to those who really need them.

    **3. Recycling- **E Waste that is beyond repair are sent to our partner recycle company, where they will dismantle it, take the good bits, and dispose of the rest. The best thing about our disposal process? We use eco-friendly, efficient and effective solutions.